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1.Why choose Academic paper hub?

  • Guaranteed top grades written by the professional writers
  • On time delivery
  • Plagiarism free assignments
  • Affordable prices
  • 24×7 support — highly reliable customer service


2. What type of services do we provide?

We offers all subjects academic assistance our experts are capable of offering services on the following areas

  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Term Paper
  • Coursework
  • Research Paper
  • Homework
  • Literature Review
  • Thesis Writing
  • Books Reports
  • MBA Projects
  • Engineering
  • Auditing
  • University writing
  • Computers


3. Define your policy regarding privacy.

Our policies are very transparent and do not hide anything from the student. We also appreciate that privacy is a very important factor for all students and hence we have a highly encrypted system that does not allow anyone to access anything.


4. Do I have to pay extra money for revision works?

We normally do not charge for doing revision .But if it comes attached with additional requirements then we are compelled to make it as a chargeable service. We assure that free of cost revision works, in terms of same requirements. As per refund policy, any request of rework would not be considered after the period of a month or 31 days.


5. Can I connect you through phone calls?

We are always open for you 24×7. You can call our helpline number at any time or if you face any issues do not panic live chat with us or ask a call back.


6. I cannot find some subject on your services; do you work on that subject?

You may not find all subject in list we have added only most popular subjects. We provide online assignment help services for global students. Our experts are professionals to handle all subjects and assignments.


7. Does you offer any discounts on their assignment works?

Certainly, as a company we do offer discounts to our customers but with some special occasions and with some terms and conditions. You need to keep a look out for the website and social media updates to know upcoming offers.


8. Is there any way for you to accept payments if I face any issues on online payments?

We accept any type of payment that is convenient to you. Use Debit Cards or Credit Cards to pay through PayPal .still you feel issues on making pay you can contact live support or call us we will help you to do it in more convenient way.


9. Can I pay my total bill of in easy installments?

Well, yes, you can. However, you are required to pay off at least 50 percent of the total amount in advance and once we finish the given assignment you are expected to clear balance in order to receive your assignment work.

We do some exceptions for big assignments or bulk orders placed by a client totaling over $400. For such orders we offer some 4 installments to pay the total amount. But in these cases we work the assignment not as a whole. For every $100 paid we do a quarter of the work and wait for the next pay to finish the next quarter and so on.


10. Is there any specific type of currencies or countries that you prefer to help students?

Not really, we are open for all. Our experts are based out of Australia, USA, UK and NZ are committed to providing extraordinary academic writing services in all domains like Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Law assignment, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, and Management. We are happy to serve students globally who are in need of help. We are happy to make the payment more convenient for you in every form.


11.Get Best prices for Online Assignment helps Services

Get Best Price Quotes For Your Online Assignment Help. Online assignment help is the most laborious academic service around the globe. We are working on a policy that is totally reliable and focus on customer satisfaction and fulfillment of requirements that the customer desires. Keeping in mind that the prime focus is customer fulfillment, we keep our quotes at minimum possible level. Hence our main focus points are online delivery and solutions which are completely plagiarism free. Assignment help is available in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. The content reproduced by our experts is not only written in good quality English but also takes acre that all the requirements have been fulfilled.  However, we still have a double checking system wherein after our experts finish an assignment it goes to the team who does the proof reading and ensures that the content is error free and bug free. Before finally delivering it to our clients, we check the solutions on the Turn tin software for plagiarism checking at no additional cost.


12.How it works on zero plagiarism and privacy ?

As soon as we receive an online assignment help request from the student, a subject matter expert is assigned on that assignment and he/she starts to evaluate the assignment instantly. Once the evaluation is done, we give the price quote to the client within a couple of minutes. The price quotes are very reasonable and within the reach of all the students. Once the payment process is done, our experts start to work and deliver the work to the quality team to check the quality standards and criteria before delivering it to the student. We finally complete the quality check and if everything is fine, we generate the plagiarism report and deliver the assignment along with the plagiarism report to the student. This helps us in delivering good quality plagiarism free content to the student.


What is the cost of a membership?

Please visit our website and click on joinpage link to view our membership plans.


Can my membership plan be cancelled before 30, 90 or 365 days?

Yes, cancellation can be done before 30,90 or 365 day before the time frame finishes. 180 day membership need not be cancelled as it expires automatically.


Can a paper be converted as my own?

No, converting someone else’s paper to your name is unethical and punishable under law.


Do all the research papers that are accessible maintain ‘A’ quality ?

The collection of papers is huge and spread across different levels of writing.


What is the usage of these papers?

All papers provided through are strictly for reference and research purposes.


Do I need to pay anything extra so as to print these papers?

No, we provide you with a purchase access to database, and not individual paper.


Does your membership plan provide any inclusions?

Membership will include any time access by a single user to more than 80,000 written papers by students.


Will my credit card be rebilled after 30, 90 or 365 days?

Unless membership of 30 and 90 days are not cancelled then there exist chances of rebilling while 360 day memberships expire automatically.


Is membership required so as to order custom paper?

No, purchasing a custom written paper does not require membership.


Do all the paper contain bibliographic references?

Most papers contain bibliography while some do not.


Recurring bill, what exactly does it mean?

It is just like monthly subscription to newspaper, you continue getting bills until you cancel the required subscription service. But yes, you can cancel your membership at any point of time.


Why am I not being able to login to my account?

We provide you with a username and password selection while purchasing your membership. In case it does not work you can always get connected to our technical team by submitting a request form to mail you details of login to registered mail once again.