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What is ethnicity?

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The term ‘ethinicity’ denotes to a group of people who are collective in terms of the shared history or culture. This encompasses norms of the people, customs followed by the people, their religion along with a shared common history. The members [Continue reading]


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1. Working Womens: How the Life and Career is Balanced

Introduction   There are millions of mothers around the world who are having a great profession and a career. There are CEOs, teachers, coaches, advocates and there are even students who are also mothers. So the idea of a working mother is not something that is new or strange. There are different controversies and arguments […]

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2. True Friendship

The only relationship in this world that has a remarkable effect on the minds of people and which, people learn naturally. Friendship is one relationship that is the first connection a baby has out of the family and may even continue till death. Like any relationship, this would also later in life face criticism, jealousy […]

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3. What is stratification?

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4. What is culture?

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5. Traits necessary for love and marriage

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6. Job Satisfaction when a company provides childcare services

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7. Should Students as Young as Fourteen be Allowed to Hold Jobs?

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8. Education

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9. Corporate Social Responsibility

In India, CSR is not only limited to charity and donations. It has become an important part of corporate strategy and companies have CSR teams to support their CSR goals and programs. Companies assign budgets to support CSR activities and indulge themselves to support community development and events like healthcare, education and environment. CSR has […]

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