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Triple Water Falls, Arkansas

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Positive description Near to the Buffalo National River, there are numerous intriguing spots to humor yourself and Triple Waterfalls is unquestionably one of them. The spot encompassing the waterfalls is rich green with fol [Continue reading]


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1. Snoqualmie Falls

    Description of the place The positive description The Snoqualmie falls is indeed one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls near the Washington city. Tucked in a corner, it has all the element of it being a very picturesque location. The water falls from a height in froth and create the myriad enchanting hues of […]

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2. The Touring Circus

Positive representation: When people in the earlier days used to get bored at the monotonous lifestyle, a touring circus visiting the town would brighten up their spirits. True, people of all ages, from toddlers who come riding piggyback on their fathers’ shoulders to aged grandparents, almost everyone went along to spend their free time at […]

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3. The Placid Lake

The Positive Representation: “What a fresh breeze of cool air!” is the first remark that you would say when you walk towards the piece of fresh water body that lines the horizon. I had never given the lake much of a thought since I had always found peace and happiness in the oceans and mountains […]

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4. The Little Cottage

The Positive Representation: If you ever pass by the city through the Western end, you will not miss a narrow lane that cuts off the road. The lane winds uphill, through a little dense wooded region opening to a patch of wooden cottages. The cottages are sure enough to remind you of the old villages […]

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5. Railway Station

Positive Representation: This is one place, we all may have visited at one time of our life or the other either to travel or to see someone off. Yes, I am talking about the railway station and I remember visiting the first railway station in the suburbs of London. Since I had gone with my […]

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6. The Central Park at Manhattan, New York City

Positive representation The central park is a world of entertainment for all those who come here. It has all that you want to spend some time with or without your loved ones. The park is full of life and people. It is interesting to see a lot of flora and fauna of many different varieties, […]

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7. The Himalayan Mountain Range

The positive description: There are few things in the world that would force us to fall in love with them and among those is the Himalayan trekking trail. One of the most gigantic and the most enigmatic ranges of the world, that are formed close to 50 million years ago, the Himalayan ranges are breathtaking […]

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8. The Flower Garden

The positive representation I tend and take care of my beautiful garden that looks very bright during many of the seasons. Gardening began in my family since the time my grandparents began visiting us during our vacations. My grandfather loved to have little petunia pots lined under the living room windows. My grandmother used to […]

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9. The Country Side

The Positive representation A person, who has been living in the city all his life, would find the country life a little different and may be even unexplainable in certain aspects. The first thing that would grip you on entering the limits of the country side would be the overpowering smells of wet grass and […]

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10. The Vast Sea Shore

The positive representation I enjoy visiting a sea beach and enjoy the rolling sands that simply spread out to the open sea. This is the first thing that will strike anyone who visits it and would stay in mind for a long time to come. As we walk towards the enormity called the sea, we […]

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