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The Power of Forgiveness

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How many times has someone done a wrong to you and you have wanted to take a revenge?  Well, this may be true for most of the times and forgiveness is probably just a word in the dictionary sitting on the shelf of your bookstand. Well, the fact is t [Continue reading]


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1. Current Directions in Psychological Science

This paper is all about suicidal behavior as well as non-suicidal self injurious behavioral patterns when viewed from the interpersonal theory of suicide point of view. Though these behavioral patters seem to be very much similar, the fact is they are not. However, since very little literature is available about them therefore people tend to […]

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2. Shyness

Shyness is a universal phenomenon. All children irrespective of the way they are brought up and sometimes even adults too are shy some or the other time in their life. According to Schouten (1935), “shyness is a phenomenon so universally human that we can easily say: someone who has never been shy or someone who, […]

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3. Life and How we Make it Or How we Take it

Human spirit is something totally indomitable and is above all the most endearingly Humane aspect about this Earth. However bad the time might be, whatever situations come to him, there are few aspects that make a person feel loved or feel wanted, giving him reasons to live and to fight. Situations happen to all of […]

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4. Children Co-Sleeping with Parents: Compulsion or Choice

A child sleeping with the parents is often considered a big no-no in United States of America and many other American and European countries. In fact, small kids when they are born tend to have their own bassinets and cribs and sleep in them. They have an entire nursery devoted to them. However, there are […]

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5. Peace of Mind

In the 21st century, we have accessed and even have achieved almost everything easily and have even sent several space shuttles to the galaxy successfully. But, when it comes to looking inside, are we at peace with our lives and ourselves in general? We know that it would take few calculations to send a rocket […]

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6. Child Rearing Style

Child rearing style is a mental technique utilized by folks within raising youngster. Provided that we watch our everyday life, we will see numerous sort of child rearing styles connected by folks with a specific end goal to act like an adult their kid to be an incredible individual in their fate. Numerous folks make […]

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7. David Hume-Law of Causality

What advantages, if any, did Hume think could be achieved by studying what he called human nature? Comment on his view of causality. Do you agree with Hume’s position? Introduction David Hume was a Scottish philosopher in terms of birth and origin. He was also famous and well known as a historian, an essayist and […]

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8. Psychological testing depends upon knowledge of culture and languages

Large scale incursion of Asian immigrants into the United States and European countries in the last many years has made it essential for occupational psychologists to become familiar with tests that are chiefly in use in Asia and their cross-cultural validity. Therefore, there is a strong need for multi-language versions of achievement, aptitude and personality […]

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9. Two Approaches to Parenting

According to an old English adage, “the grass always looks greener, in the other side”. As a child, I always rued over the fact that my friend’s father or mother is better than what my parent is. This is probably because it was I who got scoldings and thrashings from my parents and thought that […]

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10. Benefits of Recreational Activity

My division / classification will be about a recreational activity. Dividing or classifying my topic this way teaches me this important lesson, which is how such recreational activities tend to ease out the tension and stress of daily life. These activities rejuvenate a person and make him feel fresh and energetic once again. There are […]

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