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The Thanksgiving Celebration and Surprise

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For a large part of my life, I lived at home with my parents but I had to move out of hometown for my high school and college education and better prospects. It meant lot of motherly fuss sessions and serious father-to-son discussions before going to [Continue reading]


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1. The Weekend When I stayed Alone

My parents were always strict and never let me out of their range of vision for long. When I began school, my parents were very particular about keeping a check on my friends and also ensured that I did not go anywhere without telling them. My parents were always there for me and ensured that […]

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2. The Sunday Market

Positive Representation: I absolutely love shopping and I love doing window-shopping through any market anytime. A Sunday, one can wake up and think of doing something very useful, can visit this weekend Mart or an open Sunday market. I came to purchase a few knick-knacks and ended up buying more than that. Starting from jams, […]

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3. The Family Tour

I love traveling and this I am sure is something quite common amongst many of us. Traveling by itself is a learning experience for some, or for some it is just for fun and recreation. Whatever be the reason, traveling is a great time to be one amongst the mass or may be a time […]

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4. The Day I Went for Morning Walk

My weight check at the weighing machine resulted in me jumping down the scale in shock and wondering how I had put on those extra pounds. I am 25 years old girl and I was weighing over 60 kilos. I felt very sad and wished that I would wake up from a nightmare and see […]

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5. The First Visit to the Sea

When I was in early school, my parents were very busy to take the time and go out of town for a long vacation. Although, we were not poor and did not have to struggle, but with our education , I and my sister and the expense of different coaching classes and our relatives coming […]

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6. Reflect on your own development

Reflect on your own development. How might your experiences as a developing child affect the kind of teacher you will be? I have always been very close to my family as my parents used the Family Centred Approach for my upbringing. I have always learned very closely from my parents and they have always been […]

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7. Software Engineer

My ideal job is to become a software engineer specializing in software coding. It is indeed a very lucrative as well as a very challenging job as well. Depending upon the manager, programming architect training degree necessities range from a co-partner’s degree to a graduate degree. A partner’s degree could be sufficient for some section […]

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8. Business Analyst

My ideal job will be to become a business analyst. Business analyst training degree prerequisites change broadly. For entrance level business investigator positions, you might just need a four year certification. A few managers oblige business examiners to have a graduate degree all hands on deck organization. You might likewise need to have encounter in […]

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9. NGO work

My ideal job will be to work for an NGO. NGO means anon government organization, which turns of private funds and does acts which are socially quite relevant. In the first place and most urgent, you need to know precisely what you need, that is, the thing that drives you, what’s your ardor? This will […]

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10. Carpenter

My ideal job would be of a carpenter. I understand it is a very novel choice as far as the job choices are concerned but I was always creatively inclined.  My interest was always to play with wood and try to give it new shape or a new meaning if possible. However, getting the job […]

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