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Role of Media in Weakening or Strengthening Relationships

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21st century is a very path-breaking period in terms of evolution of the civilization as a whole. The human race has made remarkable advancements that were unthinkable of, in the past. There have been several inventions, which have made a [Continue reading]


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1. Persuasive Technology

Persuasive technology is comprehensively characterized as innovation that is intended to change state of mind or practices of the clients through influence and social impact, not through coercion. Such advances are customarily utilized as a part of bargains, discretion, legislative issues, religion, military preparing, open health, and administration. These may conceivably be also utilized within […]

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2. Should School Textbooks be Replaced by Notebooks or Laptops?

Student life takes up a cool 1/3rd of our lifetime and this is considered the most significant of all the time that a person spends. These initial years of his life is a time when the mid is like a sponge, ready to absorb anything and everything, whether it is good or bad and hence, […]

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3. Computers – Boon or Bane for Children

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4. Computer Science Careers

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is projected that out of all the jobs that are available in Science and Engineering, two thirds would be available in computer science. The fields of science and Engineering include mathematical sciences, physical sciences, Life sciences, social sciences and engineering. While in the last decade, there was […]

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Index Contents Page # Introduction   Short Messaging Service (SMS) Messaging   The impact of the cell phones on the social relationships   Negative impact on the relationships   Conclusion   References         Introduction Being in touch socially has always been a norm of the society. In the ancient days, there were […]

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6. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field or branch of science which help in the manufacturing of intelligent machines capable of a lot of work. These are not ordinary machines but are like mechanized robots or machines capable of showing judgment. The point here is that they in spite of all this is superficial and there […]

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7. Cradle to Grave Analysis of Cellular Communications Technology

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