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GE System of Leadership Development

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Some say leaders are made while others are of the opinion that they can be manufactured as well. Nevertheless, whatever may be the truth, the fact is a corporate like the GE has been ‘manufacturing’ leaders or so it seems. The development of lead [Continue reading]


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1. The Truth about Turnover and Retention

Bosses need to comprehend their rates of labor turnover and the way they influence the organization’s execution of the decision of the management. A valuation for the levels of turnover crosswise over occupations, areas and specific assemblies of representatives can help to update an extensive resourcing procedure. Representatives leave associations for numerous explanations; in many […]

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2. The 7 Reasons Employees Leave

Worker turnover is not an occasion but it is a procedure of withdrawal, which can take days, weeks, months or even years until the real choice to leave happens in the life of the person. Worker turnover is not an occasion in fact, it is a methodology of separation that can take days, weeks, months […]

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3. The Xperia Advertisement

An advertisement is the best medium to make the people get attracted to a product. There are many products in the market that became popular all over the world because of its commercial. There are even commercials that are famous than the products. The method of advertisements changes due to time. New methods and strategies […]

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Marketing Mix: Rental bikes are perhaps one of the first things that any student enquires about. With the emphasis on a large campus spanning acres of land, it is surely quite primitive to walk all the way from your dormitory to the campus and from one classroom to another attending lectures. Having a rental bike […]

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5. Parameters of Service Quality Management

Talking of service quality management, there are many parameters that needs to be taken care of by the authorities as well as the entire hospitality industry. The problem here is that most of them are quite subjective and hence cannot be measured. In other words, they are quite intangible. Yes, of course, there are innumerable […]

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6. Fashion and Designing – Are the Two Same?

Being fashionable is a dream that every man or a women want to achieve. On a similar note, it is a dream of a designer too, to make sure that his label or the kind of clothes that he makes, reach as many different markets as he can sent them. It gives a real high-powered […]

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7. Cultural paradigm of a Multinational Company

This paper makes an attempt to focus on the Burrel and Morgan’s paradigm model taking  the example of the famed Starbucks Corporation company which is also a coffee making giant from a cultural point of view. The company produces a lot coffee based decoctions and beverages apart from dealing in quality coffee based products. The […]

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8. Concerns of a direct marketing company

When a direct marketing company forays into the market, there is a lot that it has to deal with in terms of challenges. At that time, it is very difficult to expect or visualize profit. The biggest concern at that point of time is to think of myriad ways in which the business can establish […]

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9. Team Building

These days, we can see big cities rising and major companies doing great business worldwide. In fact, it has been a well-known reason that behind every successful business or behind even every successful country is a team effort. A team is only effective if the team is built with the right people or the right […]

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10. Cheap Labor: Cheating Laborers

Introduction   The numbers of American companies that take their production sector to the underdeveloped nations are getting increased. There are different reasons that lie behind this attitude of the companies. Some of the reasons are the availability of raw materials, availability of market and the availability of perfect locations for the constructions. But nowadays […]

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