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Faith can be out of logic or a simple trust on someone, that the person would indeed do something that is expected out of him. Faith can mean a faith on God that God would solve all the woes of mankind, and it also might mean a faith on a person that [Continue reading]


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1. Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

For ladies headed to Saudi Arabia, a social movement that heads off past basically making a trip to an outside nation happens ready for plane about a hour before arriving. As the plane approaches Saudi airspace, a publication is made over the radio to caution all the women who aren’t as of now wearing an […]

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2. Same Sex Relationships Should be Banned

“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender” ― Hendrik Hertzberg Marriage has always been a social and legal concern too. All over the world there is always a great cry and hue over marriages. The entire world has not only been segregated in the name of religion […]

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3. Being Culturally Male

Male behaviors The scene is of a sports bar on the day when Federer met Nadal on the courts. In our world wherein almost every other society is patriarchal, there is a certain behavior expected out of men. The gestures, words, attributes are all a part of that make up which makes a person so […]

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4. Music – Therapeutic For Mind And Soul

Music is intensely therapeutic for mind and the soul. Music is something that  is not only pleasant to your ears but also soothes your sense. It is extremely beneficial for the body to listen to music. The choice of music however, is different as it can differ from person to person. It is very important […]

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