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Working Womens: How the Life and Career is Balanced

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Introduction   There are millions of mothers around the world who are having a great profession and a career. There are CEOs, teachers, coaches, advocates and there are even students who are also mothers. So the idea of a working mother is not something that is new or strange. There are different controversies and arguments […]

True Friendship

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The only relationship in this world that has a remarkable effect on the minds of people and which, people learn naturally. Friendship is one relationship that is the first connection a baby has out of the family and may even continue till death. Like any relationship, this would also later in life face criticism, jealousy […]

Current Directions in Psychological Science

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This paper is all about suicidal behavior as well as non-suicidal self injurious behavioral patterns when viewed from the interpersonal theory of suicide point of view. Though these behavioral patters seem to be very much similar, the fact is they are not. However, since very little literature is available about them therefore people tend to […]

What is ethnicity?

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The term ‘ethinicity’ denotes to a group of people who are collective in terms of the shared history or culture. This encompasses norms of the people, customs followed by the people, their religion along with a shared common history. The members of a particular ethnic group tend to have great consciousness towards their culture and […]

What is stratification?

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One of the main features of the contemporary society is the presence of stratus or class based division of the society. The society is divided into many layers of people. These are divided sometimes on the basis of economic condition and sometimes even on ethnicity. There are many societies in the world where the amount […]

What is culture?

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Culture, this word is probably one of the most used words in the vocabulary of a person. We all use it many times to denote a lot of things which may or may not be related. However, the culture is a very important part of the human race. The fact is that it is culture, […]


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Shyness is a universal phenomenon. All children irrespective of the way they are brought up and sometimes even adults too are shy some or the other time in their life. According to Schouten (1935), “shyness is a phenomenon so universally human that we can easily say: someone who has never been shy or someone who, […]

Life and How we Make it Or How we Take it

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Human spirit is something totally indomitable and is above all the most endearingly Humane aspect about this Earth. However bad the time might be, whatever situations come to him, there are few aspects that make a person feel loved or feel wanted, giving him reasons to live and to fight. Situations happen to all of […]

The Power of Forgiveness

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How many times has someone done a wrong to you and you have wanted to take a revenge?  Well, this may be true for most of the times and forgiveness is probably just a word in the dictionary sitting on the shelf of your bookstand. Well, the fact is that we need to make forgiveness […]

Traits necessary for love and marriage

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Loving someone may seem easy for many of us but the fact is that, it is quite difficult. We all want the best in life as in terms of a partner and his or her traits. However, we forget in the bargain that the other person in relationship must be expecting the same out of […]