Wildlife – Summary

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Pay to Play   To create and encourage the awareness of children to the environment and appreciate the wildlife that they are surrounded by, an experiment was conducted. The wildlife conservation is indeed a concern bothering people of all countries, and the experiment helped the students learn about the consumptive and non-consumptive uses of wildlife. […]

Water Olympics – Summary

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The main aim of this Water Olympics is to learn about two properties of water – adhesion and cohesion and how these two could be found through a series of experiments that can be done at home or under adult supervision conveniently.   Through the experiments conducted in these, one can see two different properties […]

Trees contribution to air pollution

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Trees are a unique medium, which is natural and the safest ways of negating air pollution. Air pollution seems to be the most common and the most dangerous as well problem which has gripped the entire world. The problem is that our lifestyles are the biggest cause of it. This is something that we are […]


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As people residing on the earth for such a long time, it is our moral duty to treat the pollution that we create. It is not only harmful for us for also for the wellbeing of our future generation. In fact, on hindsight, we are making the world more dangerous for them. The amount of […]

Extent of Influence of the environment and genetic on human nature

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Human nature is one of the most studied subjects that mankind tends to engage in. However, the fact of the matter is that it is such a complex area of study that has to be studied in a very religious and disciplined manner. Here the topic under discussion is about the factors that tend to […]

Environment Forecasting

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Ecological checking, screening, and aggressive discernment are essential inputs for dissecting the nature’s turf. On the other hand, they are of small utilization unless they furnish crude material that is dependable enough to help supervisors make exact estimates. Natural estimating includes the advancement of conceivable projections about the course, extension, speed and power of ecological […]

The obsession with cosmetic surgeries

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It is imperative to understand that every human being is different. This difference tends to bring a sense of uniqueness into us. Can you imagine how would the world look had we all looked like each other or like our favorite celebrity? Correct, you guessed it right! It would be difficult to tell us apart. […]