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The Truth about Turnover and Retention

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Bosses need to comprehend their rates of labor turnover and the way they influence the organization’s execution of the decision of the management. A valuation for the levels of turnover crosswise over occupations, areas and specific assemblies of representatives can help to update an extensive resourcing procedure. Representatives leave associations for numerous explanations; in many […]

The 7 Reasons Employees Leave

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Worker turnover is not an occasion but it is a procedure of withdrawal, which can take days, weeks, months or even years until the real choice to leave happens in the life of the person. Worker turnover is not an occasion in fact, it is a methodology of separation that can take days, weeks, months […]

GE System of Leadership Development

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Some say leaders are made while others are of the opinion that they can be manufactured as well. Nevertheless, whatever may be the truth, the fact is a corporate like the GE has been ‘manufacturing’ leaders or so it seems. The development of leaders is a must as they are the ones who would not […]

Parameters of Service Quality Management

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Talking of service quality management, there are many parameters that needs to be taken care of by the authorities as well as the entire hospitality industry. The problem here is that most of them are quite subjective and hence cannot be measured. In other words, they are quite intangible. Yes, of course, there are innumerable […]

Benefits of Service Quality Management

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One of the most imperative aspects of the hospitality industry is that guests and customers need to be treated next to Gods and everything  within the rules of the book can be or rather should be dome in order to placate  them and satisfy their reasonable demands. The entire industry of the hospitality nature tends […]

The Driving Force to Help you Achieve

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Who is happy today? The person who earns in billions per month or the one who is living hand to mouth and working as an anonymous clerk in a company? The answer would be subjective as happiness, we know cannot be measured in the denomination of money. Therefore, who can we say is a happy […]