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Gender Studies

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Gender Equality in Saudi Arabia

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For ladies headed to Saudi Arabia, a social movement that heads off past basically making a trip to an outside nation happens ready for plane about a hour before arriving. As the plane approaches Saudi airspace, a publication is made over the radio to caution all the women who aren’t as of now wearing an […]

Same Sex Relationships Should be Banned

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“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender” ― Hendrik Hertzberg Marriage has always been a social and legal concern too. All over the world there is always a great cry and hue over marriages. The entire world has not only been segregated in the name of religion […]

Being Culturally Male

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Male behaviors The scene is of a sports bar on the day when Federer met Nadal on the courts. In our world wherein almost every other society is patriarchal, there is a certain behavior expected out of men. The gestures, words, attributes are all a part of that make up which makes a person so […]