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Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

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Argument Analysis In the essay, the main argument is that women have equal rights in a country and they should be able to drive around in the city in order to do their important works. The point here is that women need a male escort from the family. This means that if the woman is […]

Snoqualmie Falls

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    Description of the place The positive description The Snoqualmie falls is indeed one of the most mesmerizing waterfalls near the Washington city. Tucked in a corner, it has all the element of it being a very picturesque location. The water falls from a height in froth and create the myriad enchanting hues of […]

One writers beginning

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Eudora welty Eudora Welty, a native of Mississippi was born and brought up in that area. She is a journalist as well as a copywriter who has taken experiences that were a part of her time when she grew up in the place. The kind of writing that she does is the cumulative of all […]

The Weekend When I stayed Alone

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My parents were always strict and never let me out of their range of vision for long. When I began school, my parents were very particular about keeping a check on my friends and also ensured that I did not go anywhere without telling them. My parents were always there for me and ensured that […]

The Touring Circus

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Positive representation: When people in the earlier days used to get bored at the monotonous lifestyle, a touring circus visiting the town would brighten up their spirits. True, people of all ages, from toddlers who come riding piggyback on their fathers’ shoulders to aged grandparents, almost everyone went along to spend their free time at […]

The Sunday Market

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Positive Representation: I absolutely love shopping and I love doing window-shopping through any market anytime. A Sunday, one can wake up and think of doing something very useful, can visit this weekend Mart or an open Sunday market. I came to purchase a few knick-knacks and ended up buying more than that. Starting from jams, […]

The Placid Lake

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The Positive Representation: “What a fresh breeze of cool air!” is the first remark that you would say when you walk towards the piece of fresh water body that lines the horizon. I had never given the lake much of a thought since I had always found peace and happiness in the oceans and mountains […]

The Little Cottage

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The Positive Representation: If you ever pass by the city through the Western end, you will not miss a narrow lane that cuts off the road. The lane winds uphill, through a little dense wooded region opening to a patch of wooden cottages. The cottages are sure enough to remind you of the old villages […]

The Family Tour

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I love traveling and this I am sure is something quite common amongst many of us. Traveling by itself is a learning experience for some, or for some it is just for fun and recreation. Whatever be the reason, traveling is a great time to be one amongst the mass or may be a time […]

The Day I Went for Morning Walk

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My weight check at the weighing machine resulted in me jumping down the scale in shock and wondering how I had put on those extra pounds. I am 25 years old girl and I was weighing over 60 kilos. I felt very sad and wished that I would wake up from a nightmare and see […]